Wednesday, May 2, 2018

*Warning: This post is about pregnancy and labor/delivery.... might be TMI for a few.

I won't go into very many details about my pregnancy in this post but here are a few important points:

  • was told by fertility specialist I would need fertility meds
  • did not need fertility meds #Godsplannotmine
  • lost 25lbs during first trimester because of nausea and vomiting
  • struggled with regret and feeling bitter about the pregnancy
  • week 16- could have found out gender but we didn't (I recommend this!)
  • week 18- finally stopped vomiting EVERYDAY and then it was only every few days and at night....while I was sleeping...worst nightmares coming true
  • food was still gross to think about, all I really wanted was Sonic ice and so I would eat about two bags a week 
  • week 28- food was starting to look appealing
  • week 28.5- told I had gestational diabetes and was put on a diet
  • REALLY MAD/ANGRY; lots of complaining and pouting ensued 
  • week 29- losing weight because of diet; had only gained back 19 of the 25 I had lost, doctor told me to chill out and eat what I wanted in moderation just make sure my fasting levels were okay....... So we went to mongolian grill and I stuffed my face with the most delicious noodles and meat and teriyaki sauce on sauce on sauce
  • then I threw up
  • I then decided if I was going to splurge on this diet then I would allot myself sour candy instead of eating food. 
    • 7 mini sour straws equals the amount of carbs I could have..... so I enjoyed that with a side of ice
The rest of the pregnancy was uneventful... except for experiencing a miracle every day. 

4/29/2016: Appointment with nurse practitioner/midwife.... (Did you know you could decline the cervical check?-I recommend this too.) Everything looks good....

5/06/2016: DUE DATE- declined cervical check because DUH! It didn't matter to me if I was dilated or not, I planned on going into labor on my own. 

5/07/2016: I remember waking up this morning and feeling AMAZING! I also thought that the baby was NEVER going to come. Dinner at Kimo's with the McNamara's and Kaley.... lots of jokes about me going into labor that night.... I remember ordering fish tacos and eating one. 

5/08/2016- It was not uncommon for me to wake up in the middle of the night and use the restroom. I would always walk around the house and listen to how quiet it was because I knew that was going to change very soon. 

 I woke from a dead sleep, walked into the kitchen and looked at the clock. 
0413: I went to the restroom.... then went to the restroom.... then went to the restroom. Uh oh, I've lost all control of my bladder. 


Woke Jason up, told him to calm down like five times.
Took a shower
Jason put his clothes on inside out.... he changed. 
I ate a few crackers and some juice. 

0545: Jason said a prayer in the car and then we were on our way. 
Called Mama Sharon "Happy Mother's Day, WE ARE HAVING A BABY!"
0615: Put in a triage room
  • Let's take a look. Oh, yep your water broke. 
  • We need to take a swab and make sure it's your water that broke. 
    • #rollmyeyes
  • Try to start an IV four times; call anesthesiologist, he tries one more time and then decides to put it on the inside of my elbow WOW! This was not fun.... 
  • Having contractions but nothing painful. (I'd say about a 2-3.)
  • Um... I need to go to the bathroom. "It's okay babe, they will put us in our room in a few."-Jason... "ME GO RIGHT NOW!"-Ash
  • So me and all my cords go to the bathroom... stand up...sit down....stand up...sit down....  
OH MY GAH! I'M HAVING A BABY TODAY.... I better get off the commode. 
  • contraction goes from every 10-15 minutes and about a 2-3 on the pain scale to every 2 minutes and about an EIGHT! 
  • This is when they decided they had time to move me to my room. Ya know, after shift change. 
0815: walk to room...slowly and grunting, trying not to throw up. 
0818: Throwing up while having a contraction is probably the worst... no it IS the worst. ADD: I'm a violent puker. -Jason's words. 

0830: blood pressure monitor breaks.....contraction monitor kicks the bucket.... somehow during all of this I was able to keep it together and not scream profanities.
I went from being dilated a two to six/seven from the time I left the triage room to the time I got to my room. 
0900: My contractions were still 2-3 minutes apart and I was handling the pain but I could not catch my breath because #puking so I asked for a little something to calm me down. 
0910: I was calm. 

0915: They told me that they could not keep the baby's heartbeat on the monitor and when it was on there that it was dropping. So, lay on your right side....lay on your left side.... okay now on your hands and knees .... um, this is NOT CUTE! The nurse was able to find the heartbeat and I was able to lay on my left side one leg bent and one leg straight. Not kidding, I would move a millimeter and she would come running in.  

0930: Nurse came back in room and I was silently dealing with the pain and had a few tears in my eyes and she asked if I wanted the epidural. 
  • "I think it's time for the epidural." Not sure why I said it so matter of fact, it was like I was getting sworn in or something. 
  • Epidural went great.... I remember trying to stay so still during a contraction so he would not mess up and he told me another girl was waiting on him. I then felt terrible for her..... then I started feeling the medicene kick in and thought.... "My ribs are asleep? Is this normal?" It was normal. It felt like when your foot is about to go to sleep....barely there. 
  • 0940- This is when you could say ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. Nurse came back and asked me to get on my hands and knees. As I'm facing the wall, she presses the panic button. Jason saw this happen. I'm just minding my own business, half numb, butt straight up in the air and about TWELVE people come rushing into the room. This was all kind of a blur because I was staring at a pillow and trying not to fall off the bed because I can barely feel anything. Without going into graphic details these things were done:
    • heartrate monitor was screwed into baby's skull
    • amnioinfusion- One thing I do remember is that every time I had a contraction from the beginning I could feel fluid coming out. It was disgusting and something no one ever talks about. Gross. They did this because they were pretty sure the baby's cord was compressed. 
    • catheter-this was actual my worst fear about labor, I mean.... Is this necessary? Ugh...
    • IUPC - Because, again, the other machine they had broke... and this also stopped working while I was in the "push" phase.... great job guys! Literally, spend some money on some new equipment. Having said that, I would opt to have this done rather than have to wear the external monitors. They are a pain and a hassle. 
    • During all of this commotion the on call physician told me that they would be doing a c-section if things did not get better. Jason, had a papa bear moment and in the sternest voice I've ever heard he said. "We will talk that over with the midwife when she gets here." He might have RAWRed. ;)
      • and that was the second time I cried (still on all fours with my butt in the air and on an oxygen mask) because I was scared and helpless. 
    • They were done putting #allthethings in #myyouknowwhere and I was able to lay down but still on my side. This was actually VERY painful, having to lay in one position because I could feel all of my blood pooling in one area. I would wait for the nurse to come in and I would switch to the other side because #allthecords. 
    • This whole process took about 30 minutes. #alifetime
  • Then Lisa (nurse practitioner/certified midwife) got there and then .... #allwasrightintheworld I think this was around 4:30pm
  • around 5pm is when I started the classic "pushing" we all know and hear about.... then about two and a half hours later

Kirby Malachi Smith
Born at 7:21pm
May 8th 2016
Mother's Day and my paternal grandmother's birthday
(love and miss you Mamaw Jean)
7lbs 7.7oz 

We were so excited to finally know that it was a BOY!! Worth every second of waiting.... 

stay tuned for part 2 



Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I can bet NONE of y'all saw that coming! I have been contemplating joining LuLaRoe since the mid point of my pregnancy. I had some time to think on it and then was pleasantly distracted with Kirb for the past six months. When my return to work after maternity leave did not go as planned, I threw around the idea again. After MANY hours of research, I sat down with J and we decided it would be a great creative outlet for me and, with a lot of hard work, an opportunity to bring in some diaper money.  (thanks babe)

LuLaRoe asks all of their consultants to think about their "Why?". I feel like my "Why?" might be a tad different than the majority of the LuLaRoe community. I feel like it's a two part-er.  Seven years ago, late summer of 2009, I decided to accept a job that required me to move 2153 miles from my comfort zone, my family, my southern classic. I had no idea what I was doing, I just knew I needed to go. So we will title part one of my "Why?". 


Part two has a lot to do with a t-shirt and jean problem wardrobe. Of course, I am not to blame for this. I will start by pointing fingers. 
  • wearing uniforms in high school (don't have to wear real clothes)
  • freedom of wearing whatever I wanted in college (don't have to wear real clothes)
  • working at a clinic that required we wear scrubs (not real clothes)
    • thanks for ironing them Mama ;)
  • working in construction field where I could wear blue jeans and t-shirts AND SCRUBS
    • again, not real clothes
By no means am I telling you this to make you feel sorry for me, if you know me, then you know that this was A DREAM! My mother hated it.... she's cute. Well, once you fall into that wardrobe. It is terribly hard to get out. I also feel like my age group of young women have a hard time finding "in-between" clothes. Not too dressy and not sweats.... 

Okay maybe it's a three part-er. When you work in the private sector of the government, it's really hard to meet people. You are around the same folks everyday (for me it was mostly men, Jimbo age men.) Ha! Thankfully I met Jason and now have some very special girlfriends but I am a social butterfly and I need to put myself out there and spread those beautiful wings. 
I guess what I'm trying to say is, 
I'm itching for a new adventure, I want to challenge myself to get creative with my wardrobe, and put myself out there to meet new people.  That's my why...

Now for the logistics.... I won't receive my inventory until after the first of the year, maybe it will show up on my 31st birthday. #yippee :\

Most of my sales will be online, so stay tuned for more information on how you can shop!

Wish me luck, send some prayers and know... I love yall!


Monday, October 24, 2016

I've been working on a post about the day Kirby was born because mainly I want to have it down somewhere so I won't forget what happened that day (HA) and if it's on the World Wide Web, I'll never misplace it. ;) #freemancurse Plus, it's amazing how different everyone's journey is and I feel like the more we share the less scary it can be for a new mama.

So to hold all of you over until then.... in no particular order some highlights

   The whole pregnancy the only thing I craved was ice and the occasional donut hole and for my 30th birthday BOY DID JASON DELIVER! #nomnomnom I probably threw up after because I basically did that every day for nine months. #yolo    (They are spudnuts, not "dough"nuts. SO GOOD)


this was me on my due date (5/6/2016) feeling very pregnant and really rocking these ridiculous glasses hoping to distract people from staring at my huge cankles belly


This was the most important errand each Sunday and sometimes we'd have to go on Friday if I was getting low. #priorities

We decided to rip out our kitchen around week 30. I had waited five years to take a sledge hammer to these cabinets and at this point Jason barely allowed me to look towards the kitchen because we thought I would go into labor.  #thetorture This took four weeks and no counters for 8 weeks. But the outcome was COMPLETELY worth it! #IKEAwinsagain

March 12th... the day we brought our baby  the kitchen home... all 197 boxes.  The drive from Seattle was not that bad.... more on this later! #highway240

Jason eating a french dip sandwich, while I'm in labor. "Babe, is this bad?"-when he's about to take the last bite 
*only love babe, you are the best

But... let's get to the good stuff because I know y'all are not reading because of me and J. 

THE most serious baby EVER

"Guys really? Give me some space, I just got here."

Kirby Malachi Smith
Born at 7:21pm
May 8th 2016
Mother's Day
7lbs 7.7oz 

We had no idea what we were doing. 

"Should we have started with a puppy?"


HAHAHAHAH - motherhood

Stay tuned for more shenanigans..... love yall

the old and the NEEEEEEWWWWWW.....

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Obviously this is a draft from way back: 

Well, here it is....

....nothing fancy, a few pics and a lot of grammatical errors but nothing misspelled SWEAR!

An online journal so that family and friends (and probably a few strangers) can keep up with our excitingly normal life here in the deserts of eastern Washington, GREAT IDEA ASHLEY! Am I not the first person to think of this?? WHAT!! Oh.... ;)

I left my old blog behind  along with my old name because well I'm married now and we started a family! It was time that I stopped being so selfish and doing all the adventures alone. 

In this corner we have Jason
on the right....wink wink

and in this corner ME....the redhead! (a picture from a gazillion years ago, at an amazing sushi place in Portland. Shout out to the Millers!)

and lastly... the reason all of you are reading this....
the much anticipated 

Update: wehadababyitsaboy

Stay tuned to the blog... I challenge myself to one post a year! I sure hope I can manage it. ;)
(I'm coming at you Kasey. ha)

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